Reading is an essential skill for academic achievement as well as personal growth and development. It is our belief that literacy is vital to improving our community as a whole. We must prepare all children to confidently follow their natural curiosities and passions in life so they can grow up to educate, understand, inspire, and transform the world around them. This begins with the ability to read.

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Decode Project seeks to foster equity in education by making our programs affordable and accessible to all students who can benefit from our services. We are able to provide services due to grants, private donations and by families who are able to contribute toward their students mentoring. Families submitting applications for multiple students will receive a discount for each additional student

Media Release Agreement

Throughout our programs, there may be times when Decode Project (D.P.) staff, the media, or other organizations, with the approval of D.P., may take photographs of students, audio/videotape students, or interview students for program related stories in a way that would individually identify a specific student. Those photographs and/or videotaped images or interviews may appear in D.P. publications, video productions, on the D.P. website, on D.P. authorized social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter, in the news media, or in other organizations’ school-related stories or articles. To authorize your child’s photograph and/or videotaped image or interview to be used for these purposes, please complete this form and return to Decode Project’s admissions personnel.