Literacy deeply and persistently impacts access to education, economic development, and life outcomes. -Resilient Educator


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An investment today ensures a better, more equitable community tomorrow.

What we do

Furthering equity in education by ensuring all students can become successful readers and learners, prepared to navigate the world.

1-to-1 and Small Group Literacy Mentoring

Our programs provide equitable access to effective Structured Literacy Instruction at free and affordable rates. Student's meet with Literacy Mentors for an hour up to three times a week.

Creating a more Equitable Future in Education

Our Literacy Mentors are charged with reimagining what a more equitable and effective classroom could and should be. Literacy Mentors are paid staff, trained to collaborate with students and families to build a more inclusive learning community where all students are seen, heard, and given the resources to achieve their personal best.

Student-Led Learning

We use personalized assessments and a grouping matrix to consistently monitor a student's skills and target areas. We are able to tailor instruction to meet each student's individual needs.

Literacy is the gift that keeps giving.

Literacy is the gift that keeps giving.

45 million

American adults are functionally illiterate.

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1 in 5

students have a language-based learning difference.

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Similar literacy interventions cost upwards of $3K for testing alone.

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