Decoding Whiteness is a nine-month Anti-Racism Collective that cultivates the knowledge and skills necessary to practice anti-racism and create a more equitable world. Anchored by seven texts and supplemented with audio, video, and monthly action steps, our curriculum covers history, terms, building our cultural competence, and tolerance for racial stressors.

Decoding Whiteness

Decode Project staff support participants through monthly Zoom calls, weekly emails, and online community support as they discover their unique role in the movement for racial justice.

Decoding Whiteness

An Anti-Racism Collective is for everyone, but most of all it’s for white people

It's for white people who watched George Floyd plead for his life and who never want to be the same. It's for white people who do not want to go back to "normal." It's for white people who want to do less harm. It's for white people waking up to white supremacy and having no idea how to divest from it. It's for white people who recognize they are late to the cookout and have much to learn. It's for white people who want to ask questions and make mistakes and try again. It's for white people who possess the courage and the humility to admit there are things they don't know, things they need to learn and, actions they need to take. It's for white people who want to know better so they can do better.

Decoding Whiteness

It's for white people who don't want to do the work of anti-racism alone.

An Anti-Racism Collective participant testimonies:

“I am incredibly grateful for this experience and the work that has gone into curating the content. I have already learned so much in just a few short days. The knowledge I am gaining allowed me to have an incredible session with a client of color yesterday. I was able to hear this individual and be there for this individual in a way that would have intimidated and silenced me only a few short weeks ago.”

“This weekend I engaged with a family member on issues of policing in America. Because of the incredible Decoding Whiteness material, I disagreed constructively and did not create defensiveness. I was armed with the tools to both provide information and to explain why simplistic arguments, such as he was offering, perpetuate stereotypes and ignorance that keep us from being able to create significant change. I don't know that I changed his mind, but I would like to think that I gave him another perspective to ponder, and in doing so, may have planted a seed that future conversations grow from. Thank you for the material that is making this possible.”

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