#Equity in Education

We envision a world where all children have equitable access to educational resources regardless of their zip code.

What We Do

Decode Project’s mission is to eliminate inequities in education by fostering a diverse community of learners prepared to navigate the world.


Trained Literacy Mentors

We prepare future educators and community leaders with training in evidence-based, multi-sensory Structured Literacy; anti-racist/anti-biased relationship building; resilience-building; and trauma-informed care.


Teach Kids to Read

We partner students not yet reading at grade-level proficiency and/or showing signs of dyslexia, with Literacy Mentors using effective Structured Literacy Methods


Develop A Network of Advocates

We provide workshops, resources, individualized reports, and advocacy support for caregivers, community agencies, schools, and educators. We work to ensure that all students are provided with access to the necessary resources to become skilled readers (Decoders).

Reading is FREEDOM!

Reading is an essential skill for academic achievement as well as personal growth and development. It is our belief that literacy is vital to improving our community as a whole. We must prepare all children to confidently follow their natural curiosities and passions in life so they can grow up to educate, understand, inspire, and transform the world around them. This begins with the ability to read.

Take Action

An investment today ensures more equitable opportunities tomorrow!